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If you are looking to live or work abroad or, need a student visa to study to abroad or, want permanent residency in another country or, looking for a business prospective or, want to explore the world then, Universal Overseas Education Service is the most appropriate & certified team which will help you out in getting to the country of your choice & which will mentor & guide you the most accurate way for your overseas immigration plan.

We are excited to launch the world's first globally-integrated immigration consultant platform. We bring together all of our global services offering into one central hub by providing you an transparent, secure & efficient way to manage your entire Universal Overseas Education plan. We also provide the comprehensive Overseas Education Service which will help you to upgrade to the country of your choice. We are dedicated to serve the students with the best quality of Overseas Education which will definitely be beneficial for you to elaborate your skills.

Our quality-driven services have given us a reputed brand image to be one of the most dependable Consultants to undertake Immigration & overseas education Services. We also have the best IELTS & PTE Centre in Rudrapur and one to one coordinator / accounts manager for each client who sign-up with us and we make sure that with professional system and corporate culture we also provide personal touch which gives comfortable situation for every individual who dream to settle abroad. We are also expertise in connecting the quality students to different colleges & universities globally. One can acquire the student visa for New Zealand, student visa for Canada, & also the student visa 6for Australia. Apart from the student visa expert, the particular candidate can also get the full proceedings done regarding the visitor visa or tourist visa. We are having the well-equipped, smart & efficient team of experts which will help you at each & every step of the overseas education procedure. Being the successful organization & a huge experience in providing the best services for the immigration as well as for the overseas education, we understand each & every individual requirement & provide them with the safe & secure better future i.e. to create the better new world in the country of their choice.

Mission Statement

To bring right information about quality education available globally to the doorstep of every student aspiring to study overseas in the country.

Why Choose us?

Universal Overseas is one place to have your queries answered and worries to get rid of with Zero Sweat. We are the fastest growing organization, both image and reputation wise. Till date we have helped more than 50 candidates get their study visa to Canada, Australia, NZ, US and Europe within a short span of 2 years.

Our Vision

Every young mind should have equal and justful opportunity of pursuing right education and make informed career choice.

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